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Updated November 14, 2011.



To each his own | PG-13 | general | Aiba/Nino, Sho/Aiba, Ohno/Sho, Jun/Ohno, Nino/Jun | 150 words x 5

A walk in the park | G | angst | Ohmiya | 100 words x 3
*note: this was an entry for the drabble contest at ohmiya. I did the worst, guys! OTL

Arashi unfinished fic-dump and other sillly things | G to R (for raucous swearing) | humour | no explicit pairings | ~ a few hundred words each


5 times Nino was a horrible friend, and one time he wasn't so bad | PG | general | no pairings | ~3,100 words
It's a form of tough love or something. Emphasis on the tough

An Untitled Piece | G | general | no pairings | ~1,900 words
Nino plays a song for Arashi.

Arashi! Cooking | G | general | no explicit pairings | ~3,200 words
Those who cook together, stay together.

Arashi's rules for when Matsujun comes into work in a Morning Mood | G | Humour | no pairings | ~1,500 words
They're a small price to pay to keep your life.

Meme thing I did | G to PG-13 | general, humour, drabble-ish | ranging from 100 words to, uh, much longer than 100 words
Based on prompts given by others! 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

untitled Ohmiya fic | PG-13 | idek | ~1,100 words
Nino reacts to Ohno's solo performance on Music Station.

To Catch a Thief | PG | AU, general | no explicit pairings | ~3,000 words | fanfic for aatash's detective!AU
Sho meets an interesting person in the bar one night. He ends up regretting it.

OT3 AU stuff | PG | AU, general | Sho/Ohno/Nino | ~5,700 words in 5 parts | comment!fic for sei_shoku's AU week
Sho's favourite restaurant is Ninomiya Ramen House. The ramen there is the best. And the people are even better.

Just the Three of Us | PG | AU, general | Sho/Ohno/Nino | ~4,500 words | a birthday ficlet for aatash
More of the Ninomiya Ramen House AU. Nino gets accepted into university.

This Lovely Mess We Make | PG | drama | Sho/Ohno/Nino | ~11,000 words
On Nino's birthday night, they screw things up. Who’s in love with who here?
*note: this was an entry for the Nino's Birthday Surprise fic contest at sei_shoku! I won this, yay. :D The link goes to my Dreamwidth journal because it was too big to fit into one entry here on LJ. :(

Ten Decisions Arashi Never Made | G | general | no pairings | ~700 words

Two untitled smut fics | NC-17
1. Mimura/Taro | ~2,500 words | The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
2. Jun/Nino | ~1,500 words | Jun's in a bad mood and he has annoying bedfellows.
*note: written for the JE summer smut meme.

In the Interest of Group Relations | G | humour | no pairings | ~1,950 words
Arashi writes each other stupid notes. It's basically just crack.

13/26 | PG | general | no pairings | ~7,200 words
Nino has back problems. As he does with all things in his life, he thinks about Arashi.

100 watchers Thank You ficlets #2 and #4 | G and PG-13, respectively | no pairings | not many words
2. Sho's a farmer, Aiba is a bird god, Nino is Trouble.
4. Jun walks into a (com?)promising situation.

Untitled Nino/Sho random ficlet | NC-17 | angst | Nino/Sho | a few hundred words
When every next breath is a bad idea.

Untitled gen fic | G | angst | het pairings involving Arashi members | ~1,200 words
Time passes, and so will this. Warnings for character death.

Some of the following were written as one complete piece but had to be split up due to LJ entry size limits. Sorry for any choppiness.

The Magician | PG-13 overall | AU, drama | Ohmiya BFFery | ~32,300 words
Ohno's town is tiny, dismal, and grey. One day, a stranger walks in.
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

All Together Now | PG | future!fic, drama, angst | no pairings | ~12,900 words
It's almost ten years later and they're drifting away from each other. But they're too late in realizing what they need and something goes horribly wrong.
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3

Ain't No Friend of Mine | PG | juniors!fic, general, humour | one-sided Sho/Jun | ~8,100 words
Jun has a crush on Sho. Sho has no idea. He's the only one.
Parts: 1 | 2

Yours, Ramenluver99 | PG-13 | general, humour | Ohmiya | ~12,300 words
As a promotion for his new show, Ohno is put into a dating competition for Valentine's Day. Nino protests the only way he knows how: underhandedly.
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3
*note: this was an entry for the Valentine's Day contest at ohmiyaday. I won, guys! :D

This Might Have Been Easier Without the Death Ray | PG-13 | AU, humour, drama | Ohmiya | ~30,400 words
A story of the hilarious tragedy that is Ninomiya's life: trying to balance out school, love, stigma, arch-nemeses, and not really taking over the world city.
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Bonus epilogue chat convo with Nino and Sho! | Another chat convo with Nino, Aiba, and Sho

Today of All Days | PG-13 for mentions of oral sex | AU, drama, I have no idea | Aiba/Nino/Sho | ~18,500 words
Aiba goes time travelling. Aiba goes time travelling.
Parts: 1 | 2
*note: this was written for the 2009 je_holiday Secret Santa. My recipient was the lovely toinkydoink. ♥

Forty Thousand Kilometres | PG-13 | drama, general | Nino/Ohno, Ohno/Sho | ~17,800 words
The difference between an exercise in self-discovery and one of self-denial, turns out, is half the circumference of the earth.
Parts: 1 | 2
*note: written for font for her help_haiti bid! ♥

arashi_on's 2011 Japan Relief fundraiser fics:
1. for ventriloquy:
This Would Have Been Easier to Clean Up With the Death Ray, or, Threat Level Orange | PG | humour, general, AU | no pairing | ~14,000 words
Sequel/side story to This Would Have Been Easier Without the Death Ray, in which Jun gifts the gang with smartphones and Sho suffers the plague of life.
Parts: 1 | 2
2. for alexiela:
Easy As Backflip | NC-17 | general, drama | Jun/Nino | ~19,500 words
There are high days and low days, and then there are days with Nino.
Parts: 1 | 2


On occasion, really talented people have drawn me really lovely art for my stories. Don't ask me why this happens, I am as perplexed as you are. I can only encourage this behaviour to the utmost. Artists, please know that you can have first pick of my organs, should that sort of situation ever present itself. Thank you for your art!!

The Magician fanart by dthnhi:
Part 4: Ohno's dream scene. "It's dark and foggy behind Ohno, but over the edge of the cliff and all the way down, it is a brighter and beautiful shade of blue."

Death Ray series fanart by jliann:
1. Part 2: Tuesday. "Oh-chan, did you know that there's a weird man following you? He looks dumb and dangerous."
2. Part 2: Tuesday. "Do you want to come, Jun-kun?"

The Magician fanart by harioto
Two sketches: the guys washing aspar and Nino and Ohno sleeping. ;__;

Nino the magician sketch by karmade.

Also! I have the privilege of writing with many, many really talented authors at arashiroadtrip! It is a collaborative AU started by starsystems where Sho decides to take a road trip and meets up with a hitchhiker named Aiba, and eventually they both meet up with Nino and Ohno and Jun and they all have fun sexy times together. Who can say no to that! I recommend it wholeheartedly.



House Rules | PG | general, humour | no pairings | ~10,000 words
No, really. He's going to get the apartment clean, or his name isn't Park Jaebeom.

untitled 2PM AU ficlet | PG | humour | no pairings | ~3,000 words
It's Jay's birthday. Boys gotta have fun.
*note: written for the sadly short-lived Kpop fic anon meme.

This Right Here | PG | drama, angst | no pairings | ~2,750 words
Written in response to when Jay's myspace scandal first blew up. :(

32 Steps to Coming Back Together | PG | drama | no pairings | ~9,150 words
Jay returns to Seattle. The other members stay behind.

2PM Chats, aka. RIDICULOUSNESS | PG-13 for swearing and bad chat lingo | humour | no pairings | they are all very short
Jay's status may be set to brb, but he's still the leader of 2PM.

Hello His Name Is | PG | general | no pairings | ~7,200 words
Pre-debut fic. The first day Taecyeon meets Nichkhun, he decides to take him out for a night on the town.

Irredeemable 2PM smut ficlets | NC-17 | porn, probably as close to PWPs as I will ever write
1. Chansung/Junho | ~1,200 words | Chansung burns.
2. Chansung/Nichkhun/Taecyeon | ~3,150 words | Boys getting drunk, getting touchy.
3. Another Chansung/Junho | not that many words | 100 watchers Thank You ficlet #1 | Hotel sex in Japan.
4. Nichkhun/Wooyoung | ~1,400 words | Khun's upset, Wooyoung's not good at comforting.

Three happy endings that could never be and one that could | G | general | no pairings | ~2,800 words
(This was written before the infamous fan conference, but after Jay's official termination from 2PM.)

500 words of Taec/Jay | G | Taec/Jay | 500 words | prompt from envoler: weddings

100 watchers Thank You ficlet #3 | G | general | no pairings | very few words | Get used to being beautiful.


Your Every Desire | PG-13 | AU, drama | Khun/Wooyoung | ~52,300 words
Wooyoung befriends the new, strange shopkeeper Nichkhun and finds himself getting pulled head first down the figurative rabbit hole. Written for kpop_olymfics 2010; team: AU, song prompt: f(x)'s Chu~. Here are my scores! (Scroll down; you might need to log out to see them.) Not too shabby! :9
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5a | 5b || Additional story notes by yours truly (not mandatory to the fic).


Wooyoung in Nichkhun's apron. Fanart for Your Every Desire by boeboebi. So gorgeous!! *__*

Avatar: the Last Airbender


A Method of Recruiting Expendables | G | general | no pairings | 100 words
Written for theavatar100's prompt 80: subsistence.

Harvest | G | general | no pairings | 117 words
Written for theavatar100's prompt 99: when the devil starts to sweat.

Until I See You Again | G | character death, sort of | no pairings | 123 words
Written for theavatar100's prompt 101: die another day.


This is a Proposal, Seriously | PG | Humour | Sokka/Toph, mentions of Zuko/Mai | ~1,800 words
Sokka's facing a dilemma. He goes to Aang for help. The news spreads, unfortunately.


Yours and Mine | PG | action/adventure, general | mentions of Kataang | TBC *on hiatus* | AU after 3x11
As Aang learns how to firebend, Zuko learns how friendship works. But the Western Air Temple holds its own secrets, and they will change the group's position in the war in ways they can't imagine.
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | ?



The Inconvenient Truth | G | humour | Ikkaku, Yumichika | 276 words
There's a reason why Yumichika always walks one step behind.



Purge Away Your Crimes | PG | angst | Sherlock/John | ~4,900 words
John dies at Reichenbach Falls. Sherlock would prefer not to remember that for the rest of his life. In fact, he would rather not remember John at all.
*written for a prompt at the sherlockbbc_fic meme, first posted here.

The World on a String | PG | drama, dark | Mycroft/Lestrade (one-sided) | ~6,600 words
Mycroft would like Lestrade in the palm of his hand. Simple.
*written for a prompt at the sherlockbbc_fic meme, first posted here.

Go The Fuck To Sleep, Sherlock | G | hints of Sherlock/John | parody, humour, bad poetry | ~1,000 words
Based off the bedtime storybook Go The Fuck To Sleep by Adam Mansbach. It's very silly.


GUYS I GOT PODFIC'D!!!!!!! What is that feeling you get when you see your child win the Nobel Prize for curing cancer? Probably not as good as getting my fic read by lunchy_munchy! HEY you can't prove me wrong. Go The Fuck To Sleep, Sherlock [audio version]!



Uses for Feathers | PG-13 | no pairing | drama, fantasy, general | ~16,900 words
Dongwoon has managed to keep his wings a secret from the world for eighteen years. But not for much longer.
Parts: 1 | 2
*this was an entry for beastattack's Minibang, which I encourage you to check out here. Don't read my entry at the community, though, because it's actually got errors up the wazoo! :(


As part of the B2ST Minibang, I was gifted with an amazingly talented artist to illustrate my work. Her name is izon_no_niwa, and her middle made is Mother-Flippin'-Talented. Her beautiful portrait of Dongwoon with his wings can be found here. \*0*/

A quick note about RPF: I know that characterization is a tricky subject in fiction, and even more so when you are writing about real people. You have to actively piece together their personalities, because they are not presented to you nicely and neatly on paper. Since I don't watch every single piece of media related to these groups, and the way they are presented through the media is exaggerated anyway, characterization of these guys is an ongoing learning process for me. I do try to make my writing believable and consistent, but I might learn something later that completely upsets the view I had of them before. I've got a few old fics that I would consider OOC now, and at the time of writing, I didn't. But I can't just... continuously take fics down when I find something unsatisfactory about my characterization, so, uh, I guess the bad fics stay. Nevertheless, I hope that you enjoy at least some of what you read here! I've organized my stories in chronological order of when I wrote them, so the newest ones are at the bottom of their respective lists. Thanks for your time. ♥
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