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brain vomit straight to keyboard, courtesy of prim
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If only we all had death rays:

fic journal for primroseshows

Inside: Fics!
Main fandoms: Arashi and 2PM!
Warnings: RPF, (very occasionally) RPS, boys with boys, swearing, immaturity, lame sense of humour, sometimes a plot or two -- well why am I wasting your time with this! You can read! Use your own discretion! All I can do is remind you that Arashi and 2PM consists of real people but what I write is completely made up. Please don't read things that make you feel uncomfortable. Here is my fic index; it is updated kind of sporadically.

NOTICE! So I used to post a lot of fic at my own journal, but I thought it would be a good idea to make a community for it. To everyone who's friended primroseshows for my fic (I am looking at you, everyone), feel free to defriend that one; I will understand completely! but don't everyone do it okay fajdlfa;lji ILUUU

More fic from people far greater than I (but me as well) at arashiroadtrip!
I'm also at Dreamwidth! I sometimes post unfinished fic-bits there.
If you have any questions for me or want someone to rant at about your bad school day or need a recipe for a kickass apple pie, I can help you with those first two things, but I can't cook at all. Formspring!
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