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11 April 2013 @ 09:03 pm
Entirely for my own amusement, I wrote a chat!fic for EXO-M. All complaints and questions can therefore be directed to this gal right here >:D
PS. this takes place in China, so the room arrangements are Chen & Kris, Lu Han & Lay, Xiumin & Tao. The handle names will make sense if you are as obsessed with EXO-M as I currently am, so..... they probably won't make sense. OTL it's easy to figure out though!!

Fandom: EXO (EXO-M)
Rating: G
Pairings: none
Words: ~2,600

late night convosCollapse )

Title: Where the Heart Is
Words: ~15,500 this last part
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, description, etc: see previous, previous entry
Notes: butabara_blokku. Girl. Do you remember when you made this request? It was so long ago. I don't blame you if you have forgotten about my existence entirely. I would also not blame you if you have nursed a candle of impatience all this time, while plotting my slow demise. The point is, this is done now, I hope you like it, please like it, if you don't like it I'll treat you to lunch or something?????? omg
taykash, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR BETA and your glorious, hilarious, glorious comments. You are glorious.

Spoiler alert: I crushed LJ's entry size limits so this is posted at AO3.

(home is wherever i'm with you)

Hello again, here's part two!

Title: Where the Heart Is
Words: ~9,200 this part
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, description, etc: see previous entry

Man, this chapter had a lot of issues but thank gooooodness I had the expert and elegant advice of lysanderpuck and toinkydoink to straighten that mess out. Thank you guys!!!

PS. this is also available at AO3 if you prefer reading from there!

it's a big step to take but you're not taking it aloneCollapse )
Guys, HnA's new houseshare segment is great BUT it gave me QUITE a shock, because the help_japan prompt I'm filling now is about Arashi living in a house together. And even though the houseshare segment isn't too similar to the prompt, the core idea is. After some thought I decided, for motivation/sanity purposes (one week I might go, "wow, this segment shows everything I want to write AND MORE, what is the POINT," or conversely, "wow, this segment totally destroyed what I thought Arashi would be like in a house together, what is the POINT."), I would post the first part of this fic asap!

Title: Where the Heart Is
Pairing: OT5 established relationship
Rating: R, NC-17 in later parts
Words: ~11,300 in this part
Warnings: none really, other than OT5
Notes: For butabara_blokku, whose lovely prompt, summarized, was Arashi in a house together, having a lovefest. I ended up giving it sort of a plot (omg i srsly can't help it, wtf), so for this part, Arashi aren't actually in their house yet, so technically, um, your prompt isn't filled yet. BUT IT WILL BE! /spoilers??

A big thank you to lysanderpuck for moral support and for beta-ing this chapter. Such a class act. ♥

Hey guys, due to stupid issues with LJ's entry size limits (HISSSS) and my stubborn refusal to cut this part in half, I've taken down the chapter originally posted here and linked it instead to my post at AO3. There are less typos on that version! I recommend less typos in everyone's life. Thanks for understanding!

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